Welcome to my blog!  I'm Tanya and I'm glad you found me!  As you may have already seen or guessed, I am a writer and have been for twenty-five-plus years.  I wrote my first book at the age of ten and though I like to think I've grown a bit as a writer since then, my love and passion for writing has remained.  I'm a romantic by nature and romantic relationships typically play a large role in my novels and stories.  I also love a good action/adventure with a love story added.  Some examples that come to mind are Titanic, Heat and The Terminator.  Whatever the case, I love watching a good story with interesting characters unfold, whether it's in a book, a film, or a television show.

I'm also a Library Specialist, Adjunct English Instructor, and Test Rater by day, wife to the dashing Mark and mom to the adorable, Connor and Lydia.

My novel, The Good Thief, is currently in the editing stages with Black Opal Books.  

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